Blue Sky Educational Foundation (BSEF) promotes equal opportunity for bright minds to learn more about STEM and receive STEM instruction through a number of aviation-centric programs. BSEF’s main scholarship program offers students the opportunity to attend the EAA Air Academy summer camps. To learn more about applying for a scholarship, click here.

To view a photo gallery of camp activities and previous scholarship recipients, click here.

EAA Air Academy

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) hosts a variety of summer academies in Oshkosh, Wisconsin that coincide with AirVenture Oshkosh, the famous fly-in that attracts over 10,000 aircraft from all over the world. As BSEF’s key program, the EAA Air Academy introduces young people to all aspects of aviation, including airplane rides.

  • EAA Young Eagle Air Academy (Ages 12-13) – The EAA Young Eagle camp is designed as an introduction to the wonderful world of aviation. This new program will use small group activities and close counselor relationships to present the basics of flight in a “science camp” format that is a unique combination of fun and discovery. Learn more
  • EAA Basic Air Academy (Ages 14-15) – The EAA Basic Air Academy is the next exciting step through the world of aviation. Each “hands-on” activity is developed for the intermediate student. Activities include classroom and media presentations, specialized laboratory activities and aviation-related demonstrations. Learn more
  • EAA Advanced Air Academy (Ages 16-18) – The EAA Advanced Air Academy provides an atmosphere where mature students become totally immersed in the world of flight. Ground instruction and introductory recreation flight experiences highlight this action-packed camp. It combines “in-the-air” and “on-the-ground” hands-on activities. The camp also includes full participation in EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Learn more
  • EAA Advanced Air Academy/SportAir (Ages 16-19) – The EAA Air Academy/SportAir camp provides an opportunity for mature students to become totally immersed in the world of flight. The camp focuses on aircraft construction, primarily composite and fabric techniques. Ground instruction and introductory recreation flight experiences also highlight the meaningful camp. Learn more

The National Flight Academy

The National Flight Academy, in Pensacola, Fla., hosts the Ambition Program year-round. For more information, click here.